Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"answer sheet"

"answer sheet"
By: Neil Gabriel G. Bonto

The intense day of judgment
The verdict of the final test.....                         
It is so depressing, I felt asleep
And for a while I relax a bit
Then suddenly my heart pumped in an extra beat,
When I saw my classmate's answer sheet
I was really tempted to cheat
And it felt so weird to do something shit!
But one side of me chanting "I quit"
Co'z my memory was starting to weep...
And if this last my nose might bleed!
My eyes slowly blinking to another seat
I have no choice but to get the leak
Or suffer in a tiring "subject repeat"?
An exploit sin, I must admit!
A wickedly act to be forbid
This is my confession in a day of deceit
A denial of self-confidence that I shouldn't commit !


  1. - hahahah nakakarelate naman ako d2..

    hahah taray ahH ! makata k p din pLa..

  2. love this !!! a lot hehe :))

  3. super mega like!! haha

    astig to ahh

  4. cheating is not a wickedly act...it's just another way of surviving the academe...

    P.S. Don't push that much to make a rhyme...it will make your poem too awkward...

    -Jn Myk-

  5. Hmmm... refreshing subject. Haha.

  6. Laughtrip at this one! i like this!