Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"In Your Eyes"

"In Your Eyes"
(tsiklet part 1)
By: Neil Gabriel G. Bonto

Whenever you look straight at me
You always keeps me wondering in silence
Sometimes I wonder what you think.
As if my thoughts are making sense
When our eyes met, I'm always the first to turn away
Only regretting the fact that it makes my day
Secretly I like the way you stare 
It always made me feel better
And there comes a time when i'm already begging those glances
Coz i have realized that it always fills my heart with gladness
More than your beautiful eyes that i adore
Is your attitude that i am falling for
I also admire your faith and your passion
And these are not just an opinion, for in my heart It is more than an Admiration 
But we dont talk a lot
Thus, why do i like you that much?
No words are strong enough to describe it
I am keeping this out of my mind , i must admit
Though I’m trying to ignore this
But this is so much for me to resist
I am indeed expecting you to doubt
But If you thought these were all a joke, believe me it's not 
Yeah, I know you’ll find this hard to conceive
Still I am hoping for you to believe
You may find me weak for not confessing in front of you'
Coz It drives me crazy as to whatI should do
Yet I thought this could be the best way
To render these words that i wanted to say.


  1. hmm .. cool .. ^^

  2. I like eyes kaya gusto ko toh hehehe... =)