Monday, October 29, 2012


By: Neil Gabriel G . Bonto

I love you now but I can’t RICOL why
I have JENSEN my future in your eyes
And KERBYtime I am with you,  
My eSPIRITu was lifted up high

This MIKE be RUDYculous ,
But you're someone that I can't LEWIS
Jay all said I’m just crazy and ammused
But please, BILLYve me!  Don’t be confused!

For once you’re just an ALLEIN around
Now you’re like an angel from ABABou
Be with me!  And we WIlly never be apart
MARK my words and CHRIS my heart

“Sana bigyan pa ng konti pang PUSO 
ng mga manlalaro ang basketball.” -R. Jaworski

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