Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Truth

The Truth
(tsiklet part II)
By: Neil Gabriel G. Bonto

The risk that I took
Does it deserves a second look?
Until now I never know how I felt it
But I knew it somehow
Yet her usual question would be how?
What do I mean? Can’t Explain to her
‘Coz I was not given a chance to prove…
The remaining option I have is to move
And get over…get over from what?
From the craziness that I hide?
I have already spoken to her openly
She already explained her part
And nothing was said in secret on my side
I don’t have the right to force her to believe
As if she cares if these was a bluff or not?
These were all sincere thoughts from my heart
There is nothing to argue about
Her only response might be a doubt?
Why I could not drive out?
I hope by writing this was already enough
I’m punishing myself by chasing
Misreading her sights that keeps me falling
I will stop expecting for nothing
For things happen perfectly in time
But one thing is sure, I won't regret
No I won't! For everything I have said to her is certain
I am now curing my loving thoughts
So much for finding the right timing…
Of where I could see her
Of when I should talk to her
Everything was a clear vow
But it is time to get up now
And realize everything
To learn love my self more
The concealed emotion which she doesn’t care to see
It hardly seems a big deal to me
But the truth can never be change
And will never be..
For the heart that I can rely
For the truth that I can’t deny
That I was inspired by the lovely woman
Who was never been mine


  1. Like this much. Very straight

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  3. super like! haha... gusto ko talaga ung line na from all the craziness i hide! super nakarelate ako dun sa line! good job neil! continue writing, na-eencourage mo ulit ako magsulat! super like!

  4. It's like written in just one sitting. Smooth ang flow, parang may thread that connects the thoughts from the start until the end. Good job! :)

    P.S. I never thought na magsusulat ka. Nice nice. :)

  5. ayus to pre... :-))

  6. nice poem tone,I enjoyed reading this one 'coz I can relate much, nice work neil!