Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scratch Paper

Scratch Paper
By: Neil Gabriel G. Bonto

I thought you were....
the one that i need
who will make me complete
Probably It's my fault....
For judging my raw emotion
And pursuing this for so long
Maybe I was wrong....
For this is just an admiration
I pledge my sincere confession
Yeah I was torn....
For what do I really feel
This is something I couldn't seal
Yet, you can question the immaturity
But not my immense sincerity
However, I'm grateful....
For inspiring me in a weird way
For putting my ignorance at bay
For extracting out my immaturity
You've ignited my engulfed identity
Now i would say....
I have done my part to win it
But nothing to lose,indeed!
You re such an exceptional
And forever will be special
Then I quote....
There is a reason for expiration
But the bitterness should leap away from regression
Co'z I thought I made a right decision
To scratch a paper for a motion!

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