Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Final Verse

A Final Verse
By: Neil Gabriel G. Bonto

As my naked ears hear the days pass
I realize how mortal I am
We all grow up and learn so fast
Yet no one knows how long they'll last

If I only knew of when is my final existence
I'll write the most touching verses
As well as my hindmost wishes
Words seeking for my friend's forgiveness

I'll share all the thoughts that I want to say
Records of my unforgettable days
With a vision of peaceful world someday
Encouraging readers to live life in God's way

An ode filled of good riddance
A thank you note for my parent's guidance
Along with praises for my loved ones
This will be a sheer remembrance

The poetry of all that I am
Bound with my memories and wisdoms
"Til my last breath comes, I'll bear this upon
Reaching the gate of my Father's Kingdom

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